Have you ever gotten Siri to ‘speak’ and describe the emojis

its been a year since my 1d concert imm sad rn
- Anonymous

ive never been =|

Kiss you -- 1D

oh, tell me tell me tell how to turn your love on 
you can get, get anything that you want
baby just shout it out, shout it out
baby just shout it out, yeah

ok idk why i think about this a lot but do u think when harry and louis are ready for a baby they're going to adopt or get a surrogate? tbh i hope male pregnancy becomes possible bc harry and lou would have beautiful babies.
- Anonymous

Ughgggguh idekkkk their kid(s) gonna be the luckiest babies in the world :(:(:(:(

Eleanor is fucking beautiful and I hope she and Louis get married and have beautiful offspring ugH
- Anonymous

What do u mean which one the one where it's like the three ratchet girls are like IM A bOSS ASS bItCH biTCH BitCH bitCH
- Anonymous